The Inspector-General 1952

Khlestakov is a young flamboyant crook, who is broke. He finds himself in a small Russian town, where local authorities are waiting for an undercover inspector from the capital St. Petersburg. Khlestakov is mistaken for an undercover inspector, and uses the situation for taking bribes from the local governor and flirting with both his wife and daughter. Khlestakov abuses the corruption and hypocrisy of the local authorities until, at the end, the real inspector shows up...

The Inspector-General 1985

Television version of the play based on the comedy by N. Gogol "The Inspector" performed by the State Academic Maly Theater of the USSR.

The Inspector-General 1933

Vlasta Burian appears in a town of Czarist Russia impersonating an Inspector General, and he is entertained lavishly by the local political-hacks and peasants seeking his favor for whatever they are advocating or need fixed. Burain is involved in a series of comical situations as he takes everything he can gets his hands on while the peasants, who must plead for the betterment of their conditions, are left on the outside-looking-in. He makes his escape just as the real Inspector General is set to appear, but those-in-need will be no better off when the real McCoy shows up then they were with Burian.

Inspector De Luca 2008

Between 1938 and 1948, from the height of Italy s Fascist regime to the end of the tumultuous post-war period, Chief Detective De Luca investigates and solves crimes in the City of Bologna and along the Adriatic coast. With little or no regard for those in power, whoever they happen to be, his solitary, uncompromising character often lands him in trouble, but his respect is reserved for the truth and justice alone. In the four TV movies of the series Unauthorized Investigation , Carte Blanche , The Damned Season and Via Della Oche each taken from a novel by best-selling mystery Carlo Lucarelli Chief Detective De Luca always ultimately gets to the bottom of his cases, though what he finds leaves a bitter aftertaste.

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