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Artemis Fowl

Watch Artemis Fowl (2020) : Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old genius and descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds. He soon finds himself in an epic battle against a race of powerful underground fairies who may be behind his father's disappearance.

Rating: 5.7

Release:Jun 12, 2020
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Countries:United States of America
Casts: as Artemis Fowl II, as Artemis Fowl I, as Captain Holly Short, as Mulch Diggums, as Juliet Butler, as Butler, as Briar Cudgeon, as Commander Root, as Foaly, as The Goblin Chief, as Reporter, as Reporter 2, as Mrs. Byrne, as Student 1, as Student 2, as Student 3, as Student 4, as Dr. Po, as Shadowy Female Figure, as Shadowy Female Figure, as Shadowy Female Figure / Goblin Clay, as Presenter (Haven City TV), as Haven City News Presenter, as Clay Moore, as Peaty Boggs, as Goblin 1, as Goblin Lieutenant, as Kanker (Verbil Squad), as Burr (Verbil Squad), as Trouble Kelp, as Grub Kelp, as Bud (Kelp Squad), as Chrys, as Sky Willow, as Chix Verbil, as Jasmine Sapwood (Command Centre), as Italian Woman, as Italian Man, as Italian Bride, as Italian Singer, as Italian Girl, as VFX Troll, as VFX Facial Troll, as Italian Groom, as Brother of the Groom, as Italian Bridesmaid, as Fisherman (Time Freeze), as Reporter, as Opal Koboi (uncredited), as Angeline Fowl (uncredited), as Beachwood Short (uncredited), as Nguyen Xuan (uncredited), as Groomsman (uncredited), as Wedding Guest / Tourist (uncredited), as School Kid (uncredited), as Haven City Resident (uncredited), as LEP Technician (uncredited), as Lava Chute Man (uncredited), as Construction Worker (uncredited), as Urban Passenger (uncredited), as LEP Commander (uncredited), as Wedding Guest (uncredited), as Mum (uncredited), as Italian Wedding Guest (uncredited), as News Anchorwoman (uncredited), as Goblin (uncredited), as LEP Officer (uncredited), as Goblin (uncredited), as School Kid (uncredited), as Priest (uncredited), as Journalist / Photographer (uncredited), as Lava Chute Controller (uncredited), as LEP (Lower Elements Police) (uncredited), as Italian Wedding Guest (uncredited), as Lower Elements Police (uncredited), as LEPrecon Private (uncredited), as Italian Wedding Guest (uncredited), as Man Eaten By Troll (uncredited), as Civilian (uncredited), as Plane Passenger (uncredited), as Resident Haven City (uncredited), as LEP Officer (uncredited), as Grub Double (uncredited), as LEP Officer (uncredited), as Italian Villager (uncredited), as Flower Market Customer (uncredited)
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