Bad Boys for Life

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Bad Boys for Life

Watch Bad Boys for Life (2020) : Marcus and Mike are forced to confront new threats, career changes, and midlife crises as they join the newly created elite team AMMO of the Miami police department to take down the ruthless Armando Armas, the vicious leader of a Miami drug cartel.

Rating: 7.3

Release:Jan 15, 2020
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Countries:United States of America
Casts: as Detective Mike Lowrey, as Detective Marcus Burnett, as Rita, as Kelly, as Dorn, as Rafe, as Isabel, as Zway-Lo, as Captain Howard, as Theresa Burnett, as Armando Armas, as Wedding MC, as Manny the Butcher, as Officer Harris, as Jenkins, as Megan Burnett, as Reggie, as Lisa Ann, as Mexican Female Prison Guard, as Abuela, as Abuela, as Gorgeous Door Woman, as Gorgeous Door Woman, as Javier, as Terry Taglin, as Judge Sorenson, as Julie Weber, as Felix the Forensics Guy, as Pastor at Wedding, as Receptionist, as Rodrigo Vargas, as Pool Party Waitress, as Salesman, as Carver Remy, as Disturbed Airline Passenger, as The Butcher, as Booker Grassie, as Police Chaplain, as Lt. Butler, as Fael, as Javier's Wife, as Rideshare Driver, as Female Basketball Referee, as Female Cop on Radio, as Police Boat Cop on Radio, as Skipping Stunt Cop on Radio, as Tour Bus Guide, as Wedding Singer, as Wedding Singer, as (uncredited), as Poi Performer (uncredited), as Miami Tourist (uncredited), as Police Officer (uncredited), as Wedding Guest (uncredited), as Police Officer (uncredited), as Police Officer (uncredited), as Zwaylo Boy 2 (uncredited), as Jeffrey - Cake Boy (uncredited), as Aretas Thug (uncredited), as Police Officer (uncredited), as Doctor (uncredited), as South Beach Patron (uncredited), as Reporter (uncredited), as Mall Shopper / Pedestrian (uncredited), as High Ranking Police Officer (uncredited), as Tommy Bahama Type (uncredited), as Club King (uncredited), as Police Officer (uncredited), as Wedding Guest (uncredited), as Mall Attendee (uncredited), as Cartel Member (uncredited), as Spa Attendant (uncredited), as Distinguished Gentleman (uncredited), as Detective (uncredited), as Tourist on Bus (uncredited), as Kid (uncredited), as Valet Precision Driver (uncredited), as Cartel Member (uncredited), as High End Mall Pedestrian (uncredited), as Police Officer (uncredited), as Lyft Driver (uncredited), as Mall Visitor / Pedestrian (uncredited), as Major Patel Miami PD (uncredited), as Club Guy (uncredited), as Pedestrian (uncredited), as Beach Goer (uncredited), as Ambulance Guy #1 (uncredited), as Police Officer (uncredited), as Police officer (uncredited), as Detective (uncredited), as Bikini Girl (uncredited), as Mexican Prisoner (uncredited), as Airplane Passenger (uncredited), as Clubber (uncredited), as Sexy Model (uncredited), as Mall Shopper (uncredited), as Uniformed Police Officer (uncredited), as Hot Miami Model (uncredited), as Detective (uncredited), as Police Officer (uncredited), as Police Officer (uncredited), as Chief Harris (uncredited)
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